Monday, May 24, 2010

Des Moines GiGi's Playhouse opened on Saturday!!!! On the left is GiGi proudly posing in front of her picture and above she is working the new stage! Hundreds of people came to check out our newest location!!
That other picture is Bella standing in front of the coolest wall ever!! It is in the new Playhouse and is full of inspirational sayings!! How cool is that??

Talk about re-inspired!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Peace, Love and Happiness!

Peace baby! Cynthia Judd from Metamorphosis Studios took that! Isn't that a great shot?
The little poser!! She is soooo about her accessories! We cannot leave for school without her grabbing a hat, scarf, Micheal Jackson glove.....
I was in New York last week working on the Manhattan location! I so wish she was with me! We were at a luncheon given by the NDSS. We were being honored with a grant from Stephen Riggio, the CEO of Barnes and Noble! (and his family) It was so cool and it all goes towards the NYC Playhouse!!
I cannot wait to bring the kids there for the opening. I told Franco last night (as we were watching Celebrity apprentice!) that we would stay at Trump Towers for a night! I know I am going to PAY for that one!

Call me..Text Me!!

Ok...So I have moved from this blog to facebook!! But I have received so much grief about not updating the blog (Lora Bak!) that I AM BACK!!! So blame her!!!!
GiGi is rockin' first grade!!!! She is in the Phun with Phonics program at the Playhouse and is doing awesome! I love that we just go to the library and she can read books off the shelf!! Too cool!! Her favorite saying is "Call me, text me!"

Friday, October 24, 2008

kissing the fish

GiGi had a major fishing day! They just kept biting! Once again she got so excited that she kissed the fish!~ She wasn't as grossed out this time and she was naming all of them as she caught them. I wonder why she named the large mouth Mommy???

lost her first tooth and the camp rock girls!

OK Seriously...when I say she lost her first tooth, I mean lost! She ate it with her Subway!!
I remember I was at a support group meeting when GiGi was an infant and they showed a video of an adult with some delays getting his teeth cleaned and he was strapped to the chair! Then they told how you needed to do whatever it took to clean their teeth. How about a tooth brush and regular dental visits?? I remember being freaked out and then talking to other parents who said that was a bit extreme. You think?
She had a cleaning and fluoride treatment and she is all good! She was a bit freaked by the bright light and laying straight back in the chair so they let her sit up a bit which made all the difference in the world. She is a bit of a control freak (no, I do not know where she gets that from) and I think laying there flat made her feel too vulnerable.

Monday, September 8, 2008

work out!!!

OMG!! I heard GiGi kind of breathing hard, grunting and counting. "Urgh 1, Urgh 2, Urgh 3 etc..." So I look over to see what she was doing and she was laying on the ground curling a dumb bell!! The only problem was that it wasn't a dumb bell at all, it was a 2 pound roll of Nestles toll house cookie dough! She is hilarious!!!!!!!!!!

School starts!!! Kindergarten!!!

OK... Seriously! She is constantly messing with me!!! I tell her to get dressed for her first day of school and she comes down in her t-ball uniform! It was complete with her crocs (on the wrong feet) and her purse! Obviously she changed to pose with Daddy!
We have had no structure at all this summer so the poor girl is being thrown to the wolves! I was a little afraid when they blew the whistle and told the kids that meant they needed to stop playing on the playground and line up. She was like "uh, don't think so! This stuff is cool!!" Reluctantly she got in line and started her first day in kindergarten!! She is at our public school with all the neighborhood kids! The next day I followed the bus to school again and watched from a far to see what she would do when the whistle blew. She was walking hand in hand with a friend from the other class(a boy!!) when it blew and they both looked at each other, let go of each others hands, hugged and went to their separate lines!!! Too cool!!!!!!!!